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We're a team of digital Marketers, Thinkers, Workaholics, explorers who built AFFOY with great Teamwork and Passion. We are not only 10-12 people but also thousands of Publishers who every day puts lots of energy, passion, and efforts to make every campaign a Success.


Sudhanshu Kapoor

Chief Experimentation Officer

Rimple Sandhu

Heads Publishers Team

You Can be the Next

Uncle Sam Wants You...

Tea-Drinker, Day-Dreamer, Internet Addict, Part-time Philosopher and Travel enthusiast. Dhirubhai Ambani Fan and Osho's Admirer. Can give you promotional Ideas for any business on Globe. Can also make good masala Maggi and Masala Tea...

Pure Punjabi at heart and Driven by a great passion to make and eat new cuisines. Not only Make's best Food but also best Campaign Strategies.

Uncle Sam is always on the Lookout out for Talent. You can be the next, Contact Uncle Sam Today.

* Uncle Sam = Our HR Manager