Guide : How to Pick Best Domain Name for Your Business

10 Domain name Tips and Tools to Select Perfect Domain name

Selecting the perfect domain name for your website/affiliate business  is the most vital, and oftentimes hardest, step in establishing a web presence. Based on our research here are top 10 tips to choose best domain  name.

Brainstorm with your top keywords – Its good to start with some 3-4 keywords in mind that relates to your niche. A good domain name is one that can tell your visitor in a gist what the site is all about.  It is best to have a site name which is a really descriptive to your niche.Out of all the domains names available i personally choose affiliatemarketingindia because that what this blog is all about. example -: For instance if you are starting up with coupon website you might start with words like coupon code, promo codes, voucher codes etc and then play around with these words to make something relative. Note -: When you start searching  you will discover all generic keywords, all good domains that you wish to buy were already taken 🙁 however you can play around and get some good names. 

Branded Domain Vs Domain with Keywords  which is better ?

Branded Domains -: If you committed for long term engagement, go for names that could be converted into brands like Lifehacker, Desidime, or even the big one’s flipkart, youtube,facebook and so on. Its best to have unique domain name. Avoid domain names that are too similar to existing one. Most of  the times affiliates choose domains that are simply the plural, hyphenated or misspelled version of an already established popular affiliate websites,initially it will get some free traffic however   its a very bad idea if you are looking long term perspective, this strategy only works if you are creating numerous micro websites for a number of keywords.

Domains with Keywords -: If you are creating a micro-niche site, it’s always a good idea to go for name which has Keyword in it.

.com domain should be your top priority, in case .com domain is not available go for country specific domain like .in or for India. .ORG and .NET are not good options for affiliate sites most people who use the web still make the automatic assumption that .com is the only available thing.If you’re targeting primarily to users in a single country then consider using that country’s top-level domain.

If you are willing to spend some extra money protect your brand with other extensions.

Dont complicate – Keep the name as short as possible, easy to remember, easy to type

Make Sure that there will be no trademark or other legal problems with the domain name you choose.

Remember, you don’t *own* your domain name forever. You’re just renting it from a domain registrar for a specific period so don’t let your domain name expire and do try to register it for long time as it will also help you in SEO. You will also get some big discounts when you register  for long time. If you are really serious 10 years is best else go for 5 or 3 years.

Dont hurry , take as much time as possible to get that domain name in your mind before you start your site or business, domain name change at a later stage could be a costly affair.

Register your domain with a good registrar, i personally use godaddy, as this one is world biggest domain Registrar. For indian customers BigRock is also a good option.Other popular names in this industry includes, Namecheap,networksolutions.

Still Confused-:  experiment with these popular domain name suggestion tools to search your perfect domain.

Top 6 domain suggestion Tools


Some Examples of Good Domain Names based on my personal liking’s 🙂

Bad domain names
Don’t make any sense  e.g Keyword + , just check out  Coupon + anything. e.g.

Sometimes funny -: Looking to buy a Pen, check out Pen island
domain name 🙂

Mis spell e.g becomes
Domain with hyphens


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