Guide : How to make money Online in India – The simplest Technique

There are a number of ways by which you can make money Online however, there is no way by which you can make thousands of dollars online by working 2-3 hours in a week. All these quick get rich techniques are fraud and will only make money for the person selling that product.

The most popular way by which most of the people make money online is affiliate marketing. In layman terms, affiliate marketing is promoting someone’s else product for a predetermined commission. For e.g. You send a person to a merchant website where he made a purchase and in return for that, you are paid a fixed commission.

Let’s start making some money.

Step 1 ) You need to find a popular website that sells popular products and has an affiliate program i.e. a program where they give commission to people who sell customers to their websites.
some e.g.. of websites that I Promote, Yatra, Paytm, Flipkart etc

Step 2) You need to register with networks that handle affiliate marketing campaigns for these websites, If you are living in India, you can start with, by registering as a Publisher on their website

Step 3) Once your application is accepted ,you can have access to a number of affiliate campaigns that you can promote and start making money.

Step 4) You can take tracking links and start promoting. You can start promoting these links by creating blog posts or on social media like Facebook, Twitter or email some good offers to your friends. You can also create a blog or a website to promote affiliate products or you can start with media buying, by buying traffic from varoius traffic sources.

Step 5) Once you have the basic knowledge of the game you can create affiliate websites like coupon website, review website, deal website, content website focusing on a specific niche, cashback website or do media buying for e.g. creating Facebook ads or sponsored stories to promote the advertisers product.


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