Guide : How to Go Viral on Social Media – 22 Tested Formula’s

 22 tested Tips to Go Viral through Social Media

No one can deny the power of the virus. Well i am not talking about computer Virus, i am talking about the sharable one, the internet Kind also known as Viral marketing . 

Viral marketing refers to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks like facebook, twitter etc and other technologies to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives . Viral marketing may take the form of video clips, interactive Flash games, advergames, ebooks, brandable software, images, text messages, email messages, or web pages.

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Mathematically speaking Virality = shares * Clicks

    1. Make Sharable content by Sharable content i mean -: you need to find a happy medium between entertainment and emotional content.In short it should be entertaining and can trigger  emotional response,that touches your audience in some way. The content piece that works best are uplifting and make people feel good about themselves and others. Facebook is full of this kind of content.                                                                                                                                                                                                         
    2. It should be clickable and easy to share ( Make sure you have right buttons like Facebook, Twitter handle’s ). Check in the below screenshot Facebook and twitter Share buttons are located just below the Post title.      Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.22.10 am
    3. Right Platform  – Something that could go viral on Facebook would not go viral on Linkedin. It’s always a good idea to blend it all Together ( Fb, Twitter , Quora, Stumbleupon , Youtube,Reditt )  and see what works best. For e.g. If you can get on the front page of Reddit, you could get thousands views within no time. They have a great system in place where other users upvote or downvote your submission, and the more upvotes it gets, the more it will be pushed to the front of the page.My list of Top Platforms where you should post your content includes facebook, Quora,Twitter, linkedin, Google+, Youtube,Foursquare, Tumblr, Reditt, Pinterest and StumbleUpon. To make things easy you can use Social Media Management Applications like HootSuits,Tweetdeck,Seesmic, SocialOOmph, etc
    4. Try to make things simple as people love simplicity e.g. a content piece on Bollywood or some trending topics will go more viral as compared to a article on rocket science
    5. Make sure your content is relatable to your audience, people love things that are relatable. For finding what is relatable Focus on Current Events and trends …If something is current, you have a better chance of getting your content viewed because people are searching for it on Google, on Twitter and everywhere else. Keep an eye on the Google News section and check out Google Trends. And news breaks first almost always on Twitter.
    6. People like things that are snarky or that they can be snarky about
    7. Orignality helps –  Something new, something original always works if presented in the right manner.
    8. Unexpected things that creates buzz works  –  Things that are out-of-the-ordinary, very unusual, and extremely interesting.Something out of Box helps ..think HATKE…  e.g. Why this kolaveri di
    9. Dramatize things come up with some awe-inspiring tales, people love drama, nobody care’s about your Company’s name or Logo.
    10. Cute things also works – :  Laughing babies, crazy cats, dogs doing tricks, etc
    11. How to Content  e.g How to Guide works ..
    12. Top 10 ways , Top 20 Tips etc do works.
    13. Giving freebies works. Free is one of the strongest keyword on Internet.
    14. Interactive content works – Leaving room for connections and conversation is always a good idea and it can be easily done by Contests and Giveaways.Simply give your audience something of value to start a conversation and the best way to do that is to start a contest. By starting a contest you can get people to like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter and even require them to have to tweet about the contest or post it on their Facebook profile to get even more people in. Today a lot of successful social media campaigns make good use of contests and giveaways to keep their current audience engaged and attract new people and the best part is that you have a no. of tools like wordpress plugins,facebook applications,webengage etc available to do so…
    15. Timings –:  Just like any other thing in life, timing is important . Watch your timing, timing is everything and you need to have a sense of whether or not the time is right for the content you’re hoping to go viral
    16. Look beyond your Audience -:  Your audience will share your stuff, it’s their friend that you really have to focus on and get them on board..if they share you will go viral.
    17. Your headline is most important part of your content piece,  Make sure your headline creates a sense of Curiosity e.g. : Headline 1 : Now THIS Is Why Shimla is one of the biggest and most loved hill station in World                                           or

              Headline 2: Shimla : One of the hill station in Himachal Pradesh  

   18. Use Multimedia – for instance a research shows Photo’s posts have 3-4x the engagement, links on photo posts to your content get 10-30% increase in clicks. Use Info-graphics, they have a habit of going Viral. Use Videos if possible -: Video’s are most Viral form of multimedia –  You must have seen various catchy and viral videos on YouTube,must have laughed and then shared with your friends. And that’s exactly what you need from your audience. To make your video go viral make sure you make it good enough to drive vistors back to your site,post it at as many sites you can  at least ask your friends to rate it positively and share it, use commenting option in youtube and try to create some kind of controversy. Make a catch title something that arise cusiosity like something with phrases like “behind the scenes,” and “leaked video.” . Make sure you are using right thumbnail, thumbnails with clear image (shows picture quality) and with a picture of a person or two works best. Choose tags rightly, play on longtail keywords by going as specific as possible.

     19. Experimentation is Vital – You will be wrong 90% of time, accept it , move on. A/B testing works well there is always a another and better way to do something.

20.Try to get noticed by someone Famous – on internet we all know a number of social media celebrities, who have big fan following on Facebook, Twitter, forums and other social media platforms. If they share your content chances of getting viral get multiplied.

     21. Ask your users for a favor and try to do so in a innovative way, don’t simply ask Like us on facebook, follow on twitter etc

   22. Keep trying: Chances are rare that you will succeed in first attempt  keep trying and keep on making things better and better. Don’t let a few failed attempts demoralize you, so keep trying.

Examples of some websites who Knows how to get Viral

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