Guide : Content Rewriting – Tips,Tricks and Tools

The art of Content Rewriting

Content is the most important part of any affiliate Program that’s why it is said “Content is King. Nothing is better in comparison to Unique content and new ideas however to write new content you need countless hours and sometimes it can be very tedious. Wouldn’t you like to make your old content go further for you or use freely available content on Internet to make fortunes for you? If so you need learn how to rewrite content alias the art of Content Rewriting. By learning this trick and using it effectively you can easily double or triple your affiliate income with far less work then creating entirely new content from scratch.

Content rewriting fortunately is not a rocket science. It is simply the process of recycling the content you write or you copied from other sources and sometimes it can be the difference between making big bucks online or making peanuts. Remember -: A 100 page website is most of the times better in comparison to a 10 page website. The quicker you learn the power of content rewriting , the quicker you will be on your way to create more affiliate revenue.

Some Tips and tricks for effective Content rewriting

  • Change Title – Create a new, catchy headline with your trophy keywords in it for better  search engine optimized (SEO)  and make sure it also grabs the reader’s attention
  • Completely re-write first paragraph and also Last Paragraph. (Tip -: Create an completely new final paragraph summarizing your article.)
  • No duplicate Lines –> Just a one word change in every line make it Unique  each although it’s a good practice to make at least 2-3 different words such that content filters of search engines do not catch you. (Tip -:  Replace the words and phrases with synonyms (Just choose word and right click in Microsoft word for synonyms)
  • Put Related Content –Try to Put related content something like definitions on the subject like interesting facts / news, Facts, Quotes, Author Opinions, Tips , Glossary of items.
  • Add Multimedia – > Pictures , Video’s etc (Tip -: embed a video from Youtube)
  • Related links – Think about your users, you can always give some good links to other stuff for extra information on the topic you are writing or be it your other sites or something that goes with your  article.
  • Add something new ->People love Comparison charts or graphics or simply statistics therefore it’s always a good idea to put some graphics or charts or add some up to date facts or something new about the topic you are writing.
  • Think outside the box

All this extra stuff will  give your content credibility and depth and will make it useful to readers..

Some More Tips-:

  • Add subheading –   Slice and Dice – break up your content into different sections, give them headings and rewrite the first few lines that go after each heading.
  • Subheadings – It can also be helpful when compelling one article out of 2 or more other articles.

Once you are done, check your content with –  to double check that there is no duplicity with any content on www. (Please only copy and check one or two paragraph at a time for exact results/)

Review – Ok so you are done and ready with new content but before you post it take a couple of seconds to go through your rewrite  – is the Title appropriate, does the subheadings make sense, does the new content have a conversational flow to it.

Tools –> There are many paid and free tools known as article spinners available to spin articles to automate content rewriting however the best strategy is to avoid them. In case you want to try one use article changer, its free and easy to use. You can simply paste your content into the top box and hit the button to get desired results.


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