Guide : Choosing an Affiliate Network

In order to start with affiliate marketing your foremost need is to join a reputable affiliate network that could provide you good programs in accordance to your inventory and off course good account management and support. Today you can find similar programs and almost similar payouts with all popular affiliate networks in India however there are numerous other factors that you must know before you choose your network.

6 things you should look for before you Join  a Affiliate Network

Affiliate networks are similar to your business partner because it is their overall duty to help you make money. Affiliate network and affiliate relation should always be a win-win relation, If they don’t make you any money, then  don’t make any money for themselves. It is always recommended to do some research before you start working with a network because in marketplace you will find all type of companies from companies that don’t pay to publishers to companies that pay weekly, companies that give you 24/7 support to companies that never bother to answer your queries.

Below mentioned are some important factors  that you should consider before you join a affiliate network.

Reputation – In my opinion Reputation is far more important as compared to payouts or other factors. Its always safe to associate with a known and trusted brand since you do not want to lose money earned by your hard work. It’s always good to Keep away from shady networks that offer you high payouts but they  just start up to die out. Consider doing your own research first, and see what others are saying about the network you decide to join.

Tracking Technology – Do your network provides a robust tracking platform?  Is tracking real-time ? Are all of your sales getting tracked? Make sure answers to all these questions is Yes.

Networks that keep you updated  –  A good network always approach you as friend and keep you updated about what’s hot and flop.  The best way all quality networks do it is through email communication instead of annoying calls to increase sales.
Diversity – business changes daily, campaign come and go.  It is always a safe bet to work closely with networks with multiple offers in multiple niches and backups. If one campaign goes down, you better have another one ready to back it up.

Relations – Since a affiliate network is your business partner its vital that your network value your relation. Every affiliate network is primary interested in building relationships with super affiliates.  However one of the most important things that every good affiliate network do is to treat its every affiliate like they’re a ‘super’ or ‘high volume’ affiliate.  Relation is a two sided game, its also your duty to maintain a good relationship with your network ,if you have a strong relationship with an affiliate network or affiliate managers, then you can get away with a lot of stuff.

Transparency – Do your network provides you 100% transparency, do it provides you with exclusive reporting feature that increases transparency and provides statistics at a quick glance.

Payouts –  Payouts are undoubtedly one of the most important factor on which you choose amongst networks.  This is especially true if you are investing money in  buying traffic.Moreover you need to make sure that your expenses are covered by the payout of the offers and your association with network is profitable for your business.



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