Guide : Affoy Affiliate Portal

Affoy Portal Startup Guide 

This short guide Will Help You to learn the Basics to get started with Affoy Affiliate Portal.

  • Learn How to Navigate Affoy Affiliate Portal
  • Find Available Offers
  • Understand the Offer Card
  • View Reporting
  • Update Account Information
  • Subscribe to Alerts

Disclaimer :  We Use Cake Tracking Platform since it is a very reliable and simple to use platform with robust tracking , you can start within minutes. It has a track record of 99.99 up-time which is far more as compared to other Platforms. It also provides you reliability of the cloud and is used globally by top networks and Advertisers.


Understanding Navigation Guide of Affoy Publisher Dashboard.


Once logged into your Affoy Affiliate Portal, you will be directed to the main Dashboard where key information will be displayed. The Dashboard widgets can include the following:

  • Campaign Summary: This widget will show your daily Campaign report where you can filter by date range, timezone, etc.
  • Creative Summary: This widget will display Creative level stats across all of your active Campaigns for the timeframe selected.
  • Performance (Right Hand side ):   This report widget will provide your revenue earned across a set of pre-determined date ranges.
  • Featured Offer: Any new or highlighted Offer chosen by Affoy will display for you to review.

The sub-tabs on the left navigation will allow you to navigate to the grids below:

  • Dashboard: Main login that displays key informational widgets and basic reporting.
  • Offers: This grid will display all Offers that are available to you from your Advertiser as well as active and inactive Campaigns.
  • Feeds: This grid will appear only if Ecommerce Product Feeds available to you for a specified Campaign.
  • Reports: Basic reporting stats will be available to you for any active or inactive Campaigns.
  • Account Info: This grid will allow you to update your password, timezone, company information and more.
  • Alerts: If your Advertiser has created any traffic or Campaign alerts for you to subscribe to they will be available in this grid.

Note:  From the left navigation panel you will also see your Account Manager's contact information and the most recent Terms and Conditions that have been agreed upon.  How to Find Available Offers to Promote.



An Offer within Affoy Dashboard is the landing page your Advertiser is driving traffic to in order to promote a product or service to a desired audience. Within the Offer there could be multiple landing pages, price formats, creatives and targeting. To view available Offers within the Affiliate Portal, click on the Offers sub-tab on the left navigation. If you want to refine the Offers list displayed to you, use the search bar and filters on the top of the grid. Search options include:

  • Offer Name
  • Price Format
  • Vertical or Storefront
  • Tags
  • Allowed Countries
  • Status
  • Media Type
  • Minimum and Maximum Payouts

In the Offer grid you will notice a Status column, which will display one of the following per Offer:

  • Active: Campaigns that you are currently running traffic to.
  • Public: Offers that are available to run traffic to immediately.
  • Apply to Run: These Offers will need to be approved by your Advertiser before you are able to run traffic to them. To apply, click on the Offer name hyperlink and complete the steps in the wizard.
  • Inactive: An inactive Campaign will not allow you to access the assets and any traffic running to your Campaign will be redirected elsewhere.
  • Pending: If you have applied to an Apply to Run Offer that has not yet been approved or denied by your Advertiser, this status will appear.

Note: If you are using a different currency than the default, the payout amounts will be italicized. To view the payout amount in the default currency, hover over the amount italicized.

The Offer Card


The Offer card will provide all relevant traffic instructions and assets needed to promote the Campaign. The Basic Info tab on the Offer card will display the following information:
  • Description
  • Restrictions
  • Payout
  • Price Format
  • Vertical
  • Creatives
  • Allowed Media Types
Note:  If this is an Ecommerce Offer and product feed is available, the Brands and Categories section and Product Feed button will be available to you.
If you would like to place additional pixels to track these Events in your tracking platform as well, you can do so by clicking on the Edit Pixel hyperlink. From the wizard, you will be able to place a separate Conversion Pixel (HTML, Postback URL) or check the box to Use Campaign Default Pixel which will default to the Conversion Pixel you have placed on the Testing & Tracking tab of the Offer card.
The Events Tab  ( second one after Basic Info)
Events are additional actions that can be tracked before or after the main Conversion point to give greater insight to the customers journey and behavior. If your Advertiser is tracking events, the Events tab will be displayed on the Offer card.
The Creative Tab
The Creatives tab of the Offer card will display all available creatives for your Campaign. Each Creative will have its own ID and Unique Link.
To get Creative assets you can use the following options:
  • Download All Creatives
  • Email All Creatives
  • Get Code
  • Download Zip
  • Send Email
  • Click on Unique Link to copy then paste
Note:  From this tab you are able to preview the creative file by hovering over the eye icon. If your Advertiser has given you the ability to deep link traffic in order to redirect users to the product page that you are advertising, a custom link builder will be available to you. To access the link builder, click on the Get Link hyperlink within the Creatives tab of the Offer card. From this wizard you can pass additional parameters, such as the following:
  • S1 SubAffiliate ID: which should be used to pass Sub-Affiliate ID's only
  • SUB ID 2, 3, 4 and 5: Additional tracking parameters
  • UDID: Unique Device Identifier such as IDFA
  • Destination URL: The product page URL to redirect users to
Note: If you plan to pass dynamic values in the parameters above please use the available tokens from your tracking system.


The Email Tab

If your Advertiser allows for email traffic on an Offer, the Email tab will provide you with details that are required for use.According to CAN-SPAM laws, the use of an Unsubscribe Link and up to date Suppression File is mandatory for email marketing.

The Testing & Tracking Tab



Viewing Reports

While a few reports are displayed in the main Dashboard of the Affiliate Portal, the Reports sub-tab in the left navigation panel holds all reports available to you. Within the Reports grid, you will find the following:
  • Daily Summary: Overall daily performance with an hourly drilldown option.
  • Campaign Summary: A summary of your campaign stats that is also displayed in the Dashboard.
  • SubAffiliate Summary: This report aggregates your stats by subID (s1). Only the s1 parameter has a stats report, any additional Sub ID fields can be seen in the Click and Conversion reports as a reference.
  • Conversion Report: A detailed report of all Conversions, Events, and Leads you have generated.
  • Click Report: A detailed report of all clicks tracked under your Campaigns.
Note: To export a report to CSV, click the "Export" button in the upper right corner of the report.

Updating Account Information

The Account Info sub-tab in the left navigation panel is only visible when logging in with valid affiliate contact credentials. This is where you can modify informational fields including:
  • Company Mailing Information
  • Basic Payment Information,
  • Traffic Verticals
  • Media Types
  • Contact information
  • Timezone



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