Deep linking is a process of making a hyperlink to send a user to a specific page inside a website, instead of website’s index or home page. 


For example

instead of ( Home Page )



Steps to Generate a deeplink

Deeplink =  Standard Tracking URL + Connector + (Landing Page + UTM)

Step 1) Get Base Url: Generate standard tracking URL (default text link ) of the Advertiser you wish to Promote from your Affoy's Dashboard.




Step 2)  Get UTM Parameters ( if any ) -  Fire the standard tracking URL in the browser. The landing page URL may have some parameters starting from (?) sign.Note down these parameters





Step 3 ) Append UTM Parameters at the end of the destination page URL you want to send traffic.


eg. Destination Url:



Step 4) Encode the url (or make a tinyurl ), you can use the tool for encoding (


Step 4) Add this url after your standard tracking code using connector &ckmrdr=