Guide : Content Rewriting – Tips,Tricks and Tools

The art of Content Rewriting

Content is the most important part of any affiliate Program that’s why it is said “Content is King. Nothing is better in comparison to Unique content and new ideas however to write new content you need countless hours and sometimes it can be very tedious. Wouldn’t you like to make your old content go further for you or use freely available content on Internet to make fortunes for you? If so you need learn how to rewrite content alias the art of Content Rewriting. By learning this trick and using it effectively you can easily double or triple your affiliate income with far less work then creating entirely new content from scratch.

Content rewriting fortunately is not a rocket science. It is simply the process of recycling the content you write or you copied from other sources and sometimes it can be the difference between making big bucks online or making peanuts. Remember -: A 100 page website is most of the times better in comparison to a 10 page website. The quicker you learn the power of content rewriting , the quicker you will be on your way to create more affiliate revenue.

Some Tips and tricks for effective Content rewriting

  • Change Title – Create a new, catchy headline with your trophy keywords in it for better  search engine optimized (SEO)  and make sure it also grabs the reader’s attention
  • Completely re-write first paragraph and also Last Paragraph. (Tip -: Create an completely new final paragraph summarizing your article.)
  • No duplicate Lines –> Just a one word change in every line make it Unique  each although it’s a good practice to make at least 2-3 different words such that content filters of search engines do not catch you. (Tip -:  Replace the words and phrases with synonyms (Just choose word and right click in Microsoft word for synonyms)
  • Put Related Content –Try to Put related content something like definitions on the subject like interesting facts / news, Facts, Quotes, Author Opinions, Tips , Glossary of items.
  • Add Multimedia – > Pictures , Video’s etc (Tip -: embed a video from Youtube)
  • Related links – Think about your users, you can always give some good links to other stuff for extra information on the topic you are writing or be it your other sites or something that goes with your  article.
  • Add something new ->People love Comparison charts or graphics or simply statistics therefore it’s always a good idea to put some graphics or charts or add some up to date facts or something new about the topic you are writing.
  • Think outside the box

All this extra stuff will  give your content credibility and depth and will make it useful to readers..

Some More Tips-:

  • Add subheading –   Slice and Dice – break up your content into different sections, give them headings and rewrite the first few lines that go after each heading.
  • Subheadings – It can also be helpful when compelling one article out of 2 or more other articles.

Once you are done, check your content with –  to double check that there is no duplicity with any content on www. (Please only copy and check one or two paragraph at a time for exact results/)

Review – Ok so you are done and ready with new content but before you post it take a couple of seconds to go through your rewrite  – is the Title appropriate, does the subheadings make sense, does the new content have a conversational flow to it.

Tools –> There are many paid and free tools known as article spinners available to spin articles to automate content rewriting however the best strategy is to avoid them. In case you want to try one use article changer, its free and easy to use. You can simply paste your content into the top box and hit the button to get desired results.

Affiliate Marketing Beginner’s FAQ’s

Affiliate marketing seems to be the new buzzword in town, every brave marketer want to test drive it  as  their is ample research to show that  affiliate marketing is future and undoubtedly it is growing at a rapid pace. The only dilemma about affiliate marketing is that for most of the people even to marketing managers it is still a unfamiliar territory. Every online marketer knows Affiliate marketing could be a very good income source  and its the only job that give you freedom to work sitting on your couch and working in your pajama’s. All you need is a laptop and a internet connection. This post as well as this blog is a  attempt to address frequent questions and  doubts that every curious Affiliate marketer have . To make things simple and to the point we tried writing it in question-answer format and non-technical language.  🙂


Q.What is Affiliate Marketing ?

In terms of a layman , affiliate marketing is: “web publishers (i.e. affiliates ) generating subscriptions/ leads or sales for merchants (advertisers), in return for a predetermined Commission each time they do so”.

Before we understand in detail what affiliate Marketing and affiliate program, its important to understand the role of 3 partners involved in affiliate marketing namely Merchant, Affiliate and Affiliate Network.

Q.What is a Merchant ?

Merchant (Advertiser):The Company who wants to sell its products and services or acquire customer base through its e-commerce enabled web-site and wants to reward anyone who brings in traffic (customer) on to its web-site that result in a valid sale. eg. OTA’s (online travel agent) like Yatra (www. ), Makemytrip (www. ) , Flipkart ( .

Learn More – : Check out this list of Top Merchants in India with Affiliate programs.

Q.What is a Affiliate ?

Affiliates are business partners who generates subscriptions/ leads or sales for merchants (advertisers), in return for a predetermined Commission each time they do so. Affiliate (Publisher) can be a web-site which is content rich and has a capability to bring internet traffic of end-customers. Most of the Affiliates use techniques like PPC (Pay per Click like google ad-words) or uses very good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to rank itself high in terms of search result. e.g. Coupon Websites, Cash back websites, Informational Portals.

Affiliates can also be people who buys media on different platforms like Facebook, advertisers or people who email marketing.

Q.What is a Affiliate Network ?

Affiliate Network is the most important link in the chain between the Merchant and the Affiliate. As a technology platform a Network enables a seam-less, transparent and reliable link between them and also acts as a commercial entity that collects commissions on behalf of the Merchants and distributes them to the affiliates, based on the individual recorded sales. A great deal of value-add also goes in the Account management activities that The Network has to exhibit whilst interacting with the Merchants. An important aspect is the correct selection of Affiliates for any Merchant programme. The Network uses a lot of discretion in approving the right affiliate for any programme.

These affiliate networks will get you registered as an affiliate and then let you apply to individual programs of different merchants. On the affiliate network website, you will have access to its platform where you get all sort of tools to get banners, links , feeds, voucher codes to your site with your tracking id. Most networks  also offer real time reporting to you. They will also do your account management and handle payments and tax forms. That way, for instance if you earn commissions from 20 different merchants in a month, you won’t get 20 small checks. Instead, the network will consolidate all of your commissions into one payment and will give you one cheque or will directly transfer it to your bank account.


Q.What is the Concept behind Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is a form of online advertising, which works on concept –payment only on pure performance basis. Advertiser’s (also Known as Merchants) products are promoted on website publisher’s (also known as affiliates) websites. When customers (surfers/visitors) click through from the affiliate’s site to the advertiser’s site and make a purchase, or fill a lead form a preset commission is paid to the affiliate. Affiliate marketing enables merchants to acquire more customers and affiliates to earn maximum revenue from their audience.

Q.How affiliate marketing Works?
An Publisher looking for products to promote joins Affiliate Network like OMG in India or some global network like CJ. Once succesfully approved by affiliate network he can choose and apply for programs he/she want to promote through affiliate network website. Once approved to promote a program affiliate can access creatives like banners, feeds, and links provided by affiliate network and place them on their website.

Q.When affiliate marketing works best ?
Affiliate marketings works best when your content is relevant to the prouct being sold. For example, let’s say you have a site about baby products, and you are an affiliate of  website selling babyproducts like Babyoye, firstcry, hushbabies etc. Mrs.X mom of a newborn comes to your website to do  and sees posts on offers selling baby products. Realizing that she could surely buy some products, she clicks on the link, goes to babyoye .com, and buys baby product worth INR1000 . Since you are the affiliate Mrs X to babyoye, you receive a predetermined commission.

Q.How Sales are Tracked?
Affiliate marketing works on the concept of cookie ( Cookie is a small text file which contains relevant information such as affiliate ID, merchant ID, banner ID,website ID,Program ID etc.). So whenever a user clicks on any banner/text link running on affiliate website a cookie gets set on user’s web browser. The information stored in the cookie is sent back to Affilate Network server whenever your tracking code provided by your network is called. As long as the cookie resides on the user’s browser any sale / lead/click happening through that system will be attributed to that particular affiliate.


Q. What Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a system where you  posts a link to another website through your website (or through media buying or email marketing), and if a visitor to your website  clicks on that link and then buys something or fill a lead you receive a predetermined commission.
Q. What Kinds of Companies Offer Affiliate Programs?

There are literally thousands of companies with affiliate programs in almost all segments,sectors and categories ranging from big ones like (globally ), Flipkart (india ) to small companies in various niche’s like babyoye,firstcry in babyproduct .segment. etc

Q.  Are there any Joining fees or other costs associated with joining an affiliate program/affiliate network ?

A. No. It is free. Sometimes You also get sign up bonus 🙂 . However all networks have commission threshold i.e. you need a earn a minimum amount of commission before you get paid. e.g. We at AFFOY pays its affiliates only when their commission amount become more then INR 3000.

Q.Which are the Top Affiliates Networks in India ?

 Indian Networks – >Affoy ( I might be Biased) .

Q.Which are  the biggest international Affiliate Networks ?

CJ, Tradedoubler, Affiliate window,ShareASale, Linkshare, Google Affiliate Network

Q.When affiliate marketing works best ?
Affiliate marketings works best when your content is relevant to the prouct being sold. For example, let’s say you have a site about baby products, and you are an affiliate of  website selling babyproducts like Babyoye, firstcry, hushbabies etc. Mrs.X mom of a newborn comes to your website to do  and sees posts on offers selling baby products. Realizing that she could surely buy some products, she clicks on the link, goes to babyoye .com, and buys baby product worth INR1000 . Since you are the affiliate Mrs X to babyoye, you receive a predetermined commission.

Q. What Kinds of Companies/Advertisers/Merchants Offer Affiliate Programs?

A. There are literally thousands of companies with affiliate programs in almost all segments,sectors and categories ranging from big ones like (globally ), Flipkart (India ) to small companies in various niche’s like babyoye,firstcry in babyproduct segment. etc

Q. Are there any start-up fees or other costs associated with joining an affiliate program?

A. No. It is free to sign up, and free to add banners and links of your affiliates to your site. Web merchants are looking to gain traffic and sales– they are more than willing to not charge you anything AND pay a commission for your help.

Q. Do I need any special qualifications to be an affiliate?
Not as a rule. Anyone can be a affiliate.

Q. Do I need a website to be an affiliate?
yes for getting accepted to most of the affiliate networks and affiliate programs you need a website. If you are a media buyer or a email marketer, you could also sign up to some affiliate networks without a website.

Q What type of website should i have to get approved to affiliate Network or Affiliate program?
It depends from program to program and network to network. Its good to have relevant website with relevant content for e.g. if you are applying for a travel  affiliate program, apply with a website with travel content instead of applying from personal blog to maximize your chances of approval.Remember -Networks/Merchant are looking for specific qualities in their affiliates.

Q.How to get your affiliate application disapproved ?
Often, merchants/affiliate networks will not approve websites that are sexually explicit (unless you are applying for a porn program ), violent, violate international property laws, advocate discrimination, promote radical religious or political views, or advocate or promote any illegal activities.

Q. Do I have to have a Live  website before i apply to a Network/merchant?

A. No its not mandatory. You can usually register with a website that is under-construction, as long as you own the domain name. Just make sure that you use an email address associated with the domain name, otherwise it will be very difficult for you to get past the affiliate Verification Process.

Q.How merchants / affiliate networks verify my application ?
It completly depends from merchant to merchant and network to network.
Most network tally your domain registry records ( ) with details provided by you, followed by  verification by call or you simply need to put a verification code in your website HTML.

Q. How much are commissions?

A. Commissions vary from industry to industry, merchant to merchant and from network to network. It depends on margin merchant enjoys and average customer acquisition cost in that segment.  For lead/subscription campaign commission/payout is fixed e.g. Rs 30 per valid lead. For sales program 10% is probably the average however in India most of the programs give a fixed payout like Rs 200 on every sale.

Q Are commissions same for all affiliates?

Generally network show same commission to all affiliates. However in reality super affiliates (those who refer a lot of customers and generate a lot of revenue) get increased commissions when they cross a predetermined number of sales.  To get exclusive commission check with your affiliate manager if  performance based commission structure is available for the program you are promoting.

Q. How often will I get paid?

A. Most networks will aggregate your commissions and then send you a check or make a direct deposit to your bank account  or pay you through Paypal within 15 to 60 days from month end. Note -: Your commission amount should be more then predefined threshold level.

Q. What is a cookie?

A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser (firefox, chrome etc)  while a user is browsing a website. When the user browses the same website in the future, the data stored in the cookie can be retrieved by the website to notify the website of the user’s previous activity. Affiliate programs are based on cookies. When a user comes to your site and clicks on the link of a site you are affiliated with, a cookie is placed on that user’s computer. Then, even if they leave the site and come back a week later to make a purchase, you will get credit for the purchase and receive a commission. A merchant can make the duration of a cookie as long or as short as they want usually it is of 30 days for most of the programs.

Q What is affiliate data feed/Product feed?
A affiliate product feed is a system by which affiliates could easily choose, manage and modify the products you offer on your website on behalf of a merchant you are affiliated with. Product feeds are vital for online stores and other sales websites.Data feeds are converted into individual products and include descriptions, links for images, links for visitors to click, pricing and more. The affiliate can take the information in the feed and build individual pages for each product, or put multiple products on each page.

Q From where i can get data feeds ?
Affiliate product feed also known as data feeds are provided by merchants to affiliates to better promote and sell their products. You can get it direct from merchants or from affiliate networks.

Q How are data feeds delivered to an affiliate?
Through XML, CSV file – usually it involve the use of File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Q What are advantages of using a data feed.

Using a data feed means keeping your content fresh and updated additionally its gives more exposure on the web. More exposure for your affiliate site, and more exposure for the merchant’s products. Using data feed you can create thousands of pages in a day whereas manually this no. will be 5, 10 or maximum 20. Just wonder how much traffic that would generate?

Guide : 10 step guide for starting an Affiliate Business

Step 1 – What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Before staring with affiliate Marketing its important you completely understand and learn about concept of affiliate marketing ,if you are newbie or still have any doubts please check out  these Affiliate marketing FAQ’s for beginners and  Affiliate marketing Glossary – Key Terms, Jargons, Abbreviations ?

Step 2- Think of a affiliate website idea

Its always pays to be first in the market with a new idea.You can pick any niche based on your interest or most probably a niche where their is demand and no competition and create a website for same.

Here is a list of most popular categories for affiliate marketing in India, you could easily find in niche inside these popular categories.

  • Travel ( niche eg. Flight tickets, Hotel Booking, Bus Booking )
  • Retail ( niche e.g. Lifestyle, Home decor, Jewellery )
  • Finance (niche e.g. Insurance, Mutual Funds, Credit Cards, Forex trading )
  • Classified 
  • Dating/Matrimony

Step 3 – In case you don’t have a original idea, no problem  imitate popular affiliate business model.

There is absolutely nothing wrong to be a copycat in affiliate industry or any other industry as long as you know how to play the game and are sure of making things profitable.Bollywood was doing same from last 3 decades.Imitation in itself is a brilliant idea if done in a right manner we have classic examples of Facebook, apple and Rocket Internet.

  • makemytrip,Yatra is india’s expedia
  • Snapdeal was india’s Groupon ( now a complete e-commerce site)
  • Ixigo is India’s Kayak
  • is India’s
  • Coupondunia is India’s Retailmenot 
  • Desidime is India’s slickdeal

You can also imitate one of these brilliant ideas, all you need is to Know about popular affiliate business models.

Step 4 –  Choose a Domain name – For digital marketers a good domain name could be more desirable than riches like silver or gold. In 2010 Escom LLC sold to Clover Holdings Ltd for a whopping $13 million creating a guinbess book record similarly was sold for a whopping $10 million. Well you dont need to spend so much, one can register a domain for 5-6 $ (around 300 Rs. ) but the difficult task is choosing the perfect one. Check out our affiliate guide on how to choose your perfect domain to choose your perfect one.

Step 5 – Choose a platform on which you will create a website

In my opinion initially its best to start with wordpress and once you become big develop your in house platform according to your custom requirements. I suggest wordpress because is most popular , loved and used Content Management system and its best to start with because of following.

  • Easy to setup and easy to update
  • Thousands of free plugins by which you can do virtually anything. ( That’s the best part )
  • You can choose from Thousands of themes (both free and premium ). I will suggest you to buy a premium themes like Thesis, Genesis, Elegant etc to make your blog design more appealing also these premium themes are easy to customize and you will also get excellent support for premium themes.You can also go for the free one like i am using for this blog. Themes are also available as per your business model requirements for e.g. Coupon press or clipper  for creating a coupon website.
  • Most bloggers and affiliate marketers use wordpress.
  • Its secure to use you can easily backup your blog using a plugin and since it have the biggest community , support is always available.

Step 5- Choose Right hosting  – For affiliate marketers a bad host is like pain in ass, as a affiliate marketer you can’t afford to have a web host where you are uncertain whether your site is up or down or wondering how long it will take to load. A bad hosting have power to ruin your affiliate business by destroying your search engine ranking, losing traffic Spikes, Missing the key Visitors. The bottom line here is to be careful and only choose a reputed host. It worthy to pay more to a reputed company to get a reliable, fast and efficient hosting for your site. As per my experience paying some extra dollars will help you to earn more as your visitors will find you, the search engines will repay you by sending more traffic and, most importantly you will get good support if you face any problem with hosting.

Some Good Host’s : Hostgator, Bluehost ( Both have excellent support )
Free Hosting :

Step 6- Create a website – Once you have finalized a Idea, Bought a Domain Name and Hosting, finalized a platform.  It’s now the time to create your first affiliate website. Let’s create using wordpress only because its a very powerful platform and there are TONS of free WordPress themes and plugins out there to build almost any type of website.and it can be installed on any of hosting with just a few clicks.Let’s assume you have bough hosting of Hostgator as this one is world’s biggest hosting company. See this video below to see how easy it is to install wordpress and get going.

See video : How easy it is to install WordPress

Once  wordpress is installed on your domain , you can choose and install themes for your affiliate website. Affiliate themes are available for almost all type of  affiliate websites like coupon website, shopping website , classified website or any other model. Let’s take a example of creating  a affiliate business using coupon website model.

Step 7 – Create Content 

It’s now time to plan out your websites content. Your website content depends on the affiliate model you are planning to run. To start with its a good idea to write your domain name on a blank paper, and then come up with as many possible content ideas that you can think of.Once you have ideas you can write it yourself or hire a freelancer from platforms like , You could also get content from your competitor’s website but make sure you make it completly unique. Here are some content rewriting Tips,Tricks and Tools that would help you in getting started. Make sure you have some good content on your website before you apply for affiliate network. It will help you in getting approved instantly.

Step 6- Join affiliate networks

Congrats you have created your first affiliate website. Now its time to register with networks. Its good to register with 2-3 affiliate networks but do try to focus on your niche and only join quality affiliate networks. Learn more – What should you look for before joining a Affiliate Network.  Wondering which networks to join, don’t forget to check out  top affiliate networks and their programs in India.

Step 7- Join programs you want to Promote – Once you have joined networks, its time to join affiliate programs you want to promote through these networks. Every network have hundreds of campaigns , don’t join and start promoting all of them focus only quality campaigns or initially only on campaigns where competition is less. You can ask your affiliate manager for information on best converting campaigns.

Step 8 – Put affiliate links on your website 

Step 9 -Get traffic 

Step 10 – earn commissions