Guide : How to make money Online in India – The simplest Technique

There are a number of ways by which you can make money Online however, there is no way by which you can make thousands of dollars online by working 2-3 hours in a week. All these quick get rich techniques are fraud and will only make money for the person selling that product.

The most popular way by which most of the people make money online is affiliate marketing. In layman terms, affiliate marketing is promoting someone’s else product for a predetermined commission. For e.g. You send a person to a merchant website where he made a purchase and in return for that, you are paid a fixed commission.

Let’s start making some money.

Step 1 ) You need to find a popular website that sells popular products and has an affiliate program i.e. a program where they give commission to people who sell customers to their websites.
some e.g.. of websites that I Promote, Yatra, Paytm, Flipkart etc

Step 2) You need to register with networks that handle affiliate marketing campaigns for these websites, If you are living in India, you can start with, by registering as a Publisher on their website

Step 3) Once your application is accepted ,you can have access to a number of affiliate campaigns that you can promote and start making money.

Step 4) You can take tracking links and start promoting. You can start promoting these links by creating blog posts or on social media like Facebook, Twitter or email some good offers to your friends. You can also create a blog or a website to promote affiliate products or you can start with media buying, by buying traffic from varoius traffic sources.

Step 5) Once you have the basic knowledge of the game you can create affiliate websites like coupon website, review website, deal website, content website focusing on a specific niche, cashback website or do media buying for e.g. creating Facebook ads or sponsored stories to promote the advertisers product.

Guide : How to Create,manage and make money from a Coupon Website.

Coupon websites – People like to shop, its the best time pass for every women on planet and with shopping people also do love discounts and savings and when they see a coupon code box or before they shop they do search for coupons. When it come’s to smart online shoppers or bargain hunters they never shop without searching for a Coupon. Well a Coupon is the easiest way to  save an instant 15% -20% or sometimes more   or get free shipping  etc when you buy something online.

Gettings coupons is a child play, just head over to google or yahoo or bing , type in your favorite shopping site and the word “coupon”. e.g. Jabong Coupon, Abof Coupon, Makemytrip coupon etc and you will see a number of websites with a collection of coupons.Coupon websites are not only favorite to shoppers but are also  Cash Cows for affiliate marketers thats why you can see them in huge numbers.In India which is still a developing market in online space, we have around 300+ coupon websites.

Technology – Fortunately creating a coupon website is not a rocket science. Going forward you have numerous options.You can just add a coupon theme to your wordpress blog to create a coupon website.  If you want to make it as a serious business, you can have your own site created and programmed, which will cost you some money. If you dont know programming , you can hire freelancers  at or Odesk. Their are numerous wordpress and php themes  available by which you can make a coupon website in minutes (i will cover them in this post ) but your own programmed website will give you uniqueness and better management down the road. Even you can make it totally free on blogspot.

Here is a brilliant example http://

How to start a coupon website – A Guide for dummies.


Buy a domain – a domain with the word coupon in it sounds like a good idea however with gigantic competition in this space  it won’t help you to rank for the term coupon, coupons or coupon codes etc.  However still it is a good  idea if you find a domain with keyword coupon  and if not you could find a domain that is brandable, is easy to spell and that people can say and repeat easily.Just as a good location is vital to open a shop, a good domain name will be the corner stone of your website’s success
Make sure your domain name have following qualities.
1.Short (eg . ).
2.Easy to remember (eg. 🙁 🙁
3. Easy to remember (dont have difficult foreign words)
4. Remember Good domains  have .com, .net or other top country level extensions (.in. .co.uke etc ) if building for a specific country.
5. They are descriptive or brandable eg. or
6.. They don’t contain hyphens or unnecessarily numbers eg.,

You could buy domains at Godaddy or Big Rock (indian domains ).

Buy Hosting -: You need space to host your website on internet and for that you need hosting. It’s good to buy hosting first before you buy domains because most of the times service providers provide free domain when you buy hosting. You could buy hosting from Godaddy, bigrock or hostgator or other trusted provider.

Tip –: Only buy hosting from a reliable company that provide good after sale

Buy a coupon script : The easiest way to create a coupon website is wordpress, you just need to create wordpress blog and install a coupon theme or coupon plugin. I will cover this later in detail in this post. You can also buy popular PHP scripts like couponscript and get it installed to get your bussiness running.

Create Content – Create pages and content for the coupon website. Use stores and categories to organize the site neatly. For instance, create Categories like grocery coupons, electronics coupons, clothing coupons,jewellery coupons, travel coupons, food coupons and so forth.

Register with affiliate networks online – Affiliate networks are companies that work as the middle man between merchants/advertisers (companies that provide goods or services) and the affiliate/publishers i.e. website owner.

When you register with the affiliate networks as a publisher, find programs that are a good fit with your coupon website. To maximize number of  stores on your coupon website try to join minimum 2-3 affiliate networks but do try to focus on your niche and only join quality affiliate networks.

If you are creating a coupon website  for a specific niche for e.g. electronics, register with only electronics companies(merchants) at the affiliate networks and dont waste your time on other programs that might seem lucrative. Once you are accepted and approved for programs, search the merchant’s affiliate page for coupon codes to put on your site, some networks also have special page/functionality where they have all coupon codes at one place.


Daily Tasks – Creating a coupon website is easy but managing it is not easy. You regularly need to keep your coupon database updated ,regularly collect coupons through affiliate networks, merchant newsletters and delete expired coupons, add new stores and join new programs in your niche.. Grow your customers database and much more.

How to create a Coupon Website Using wordpress?

Coming soon..

Best Coupon Script to buy to create a coupon website ?

You can try  clipmydeals coupon & Cashback website theme for creating a coupon website or a cashback website or can also search for other Popular coupon themes online . The best part of clipmydeals theme is it comes with a very neat UI , good speed and lots of features.


Some ideas

Start with a niche segment – Because there are so many coupon sites out there, chances are that unless you have gigantic money and resources to spend on advertising , seo and content creation you won’t be able to start to rank for the high trafficked terms or for the large retailers. Therefore its smart to start with a niche and  optimize for long tail with no competition

Newsletters and Feeds – Once you get customers coming to your coupon site  it is important to start to capture their information and provide them timely updates on coupons and latest offers.

Dont buy a coupon template – Your site is not unique with a commonly used template. (only try this one if you have big budgets or programming knowledge ).

How do Coupon websites make money ?

Just like any other affiliate website.Coupon websites are affiliate websites that list coupons for merchants. When a customer clicks through the coupon site to the merchant’s site and buys something the coupon site get a predetermined commission for a sale just like any other affiliate site does. Sometimes commission for coupon sales might be less as compared to other sales but in most of the cases the last click to the merchant’s site gets the commission regardless of if it’s a coupon site or any other affiliate site.

Place AdSense Ads on Your Site. Now this is meant to be a residual money maker that will run in the background and gradually increase as you generate more traffic and of course more clicks.

You find merchants at affiliates networks: like  Affoy in India while CJ, Clickbank, Awin, SharaASale, AvantLink etc are top international  networks. .

Is it worthy to make a coupon website?
Yes if you could find a profitable niche and Regularly update it with latest coupons and have knowledge of seo, ppc etc to profitably drive traffic to your coupon website. Even though coupon are extremely competitive it isn’t too late to break in and to be able to compete with the older and more established sites

No, if you dont want to put in more efforts and want to create it just to make easy money.

Before i end this post i want to get yourself familiar with biggest International and Indiam Coupon websites

  • RetailMeNot (400,000+ visitors per day!) – world biggest and oldest coupon website.
  • FatWallet (over 2,400 partnered retailers)

Top Indian coupon websites

  • www.couponraja.cpm