Common Verticals or Campaign Types or Offer Types in Affiliate Marketing

VERTICAL or CATEGORY or Niche– This is the type/category that an offer falls into.An example of a vertical would be : app installs, dating, sweeps, e-commerce, Travel.

ECOMMERCE – this  vertical deals with tangible products like Amazon Products. So pretty much any e-shop falls into this category. Two most popular platforms used by affiliates are Shopify and Teespring.

TRAVEL : This vertical deals with products like flight booking, hotel booking, cab booking, holiday packages etc

REBILLS – this can be a wide range of products across many verticals, both tangible and service/info products. The basis principle is a repeating charge to the customer. The billing cycle often starts with a free/trial membership and then recurs at a set rate every 30 days for example.

NUTRA – again a very popular vertical, this vertical consist of  health supplements, diet, vitamins, skincare, weight loss products etc,There are also a number of ADULT products in this vertical like muscle, penis pills.

SWEEPS – products that give the user a chance to win something. The most popular prizes these days are iPhones and other smartphones or shopping vouchers. SWEEPS can be either Lead generation (SOI or DOI) or PIN Submit offers. SOI – Single Opt In – these offers require 1 action from the user to be completed. Usually it is filling out a form or entering an email address. whereas DOI i.e. Double Opt In – these offers require more than 1 action from the user to be completed.

DATING – One of the evergreen verticals. Dating offers can be both mainstream and adult. These are mostly SOI/DOI lead generation Offers. The modulus oprendi of these offers is users get free access to the members area, but when they want to contact someone they need to pay a monthly fee. So the dating business model is actually based on REBILLS. These offers are also available as REVSHARE or PPS.

APP INSTALLS – this is a mobile vertical, conversion happens when the user downloads some application for their smartphone. There can be more requirements like : open the app, use it for some time.Apps can be downloaded both from official stores like google play or apple appstore or from alternative stores for android.

CONTENT BILLING – these offers give the paying user access to some members area where they can download some content, usually videos, ring tones, wallappers or games.

PIN SUBMITs – These are primarily aimed at mobile phone users, because the billing is done via premium SMS charges. That’s why they are also called CARRIER BILLING offers. This is a very popular billing method covering a wide range of VERTICALs and all kinds of offer categories. These can be SWEEPS, APP INSTALLS, ANTIVIRUS …

1 Click/ 2 Click / MO Flow – These are all PIN SUBMIT offers, but all with a different registration/subscription process. “1-Click” takes just 1 click on the Agree button, “2-Click” is like a DOI so one more confirmation is needed. MO-Flow means you have to type the SMS yourself and manually send it to some premium number. 1-Click converts the best, MO is the worst.

SURVEYS – these are similar to SWEEPS, sometimes they are actually mixed into one. So the user has to fill out a survey in order to get a chance to win something. The original SURVEY offers compensate the users for their time with a small payment. The payment serves as an INCENTIVE for the users to actually mess with the SURVEY form.

INCENTIVE – This is a specific approach to getting user engagement. These offers actually give something to the users to make them do something in return. The compensation can be a small payment, some freebie or some virtual currency. Virtual currencies are widely used these days, since the rise of mobile games. I’m sure you have seen this many times in form of watching an ad in exchange for a few diamonds, or downloading some application to get some gold nuggets in the game you were playing … the options are endless. Offers based on INCENTIVES usually pay less and such “traffic” is of lower quality.

INFO PRODUCTS – Clickbank network is a typical representative of the INFO PRODUCT vertical. They have e-books and guides for pretty much everything you can think of. These products are mostly using the REVSHARE or PPS payouts model.

PUA – Pick Up Artist – this is a specific category within the INFO PRODUCT vertical. These are usually promoted with quite funny VSL (Video Sales Letter), so I think they are worth mentioning just because of that This products are ADULT in nature and used to work well on adult sites.

GAMBLING/CASINO – another huge VERTICAL that is also ADULT friendly. I don’t think it needs more commentary.

PAY PER CALL (PPC) – These offers pay for each phone-call that meets some conditions – usually certain duration, so the prospect might not hang up sooner than a given amount o seconds. These can be all kinds of LEADGEN type offers resulting in the sale of some product/service or a “premium number” call, that bills the user per minute – these are the infamous TECH SUPPORT offers for example.

Guide : Affiliate Marketing Commonly used Tools

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Landing Page Design with no programming experience needed (drag and drop landing page builder) (pre made themes) (drag and drop landing page builder)


– Power editor…dex.html?avt=4 (haven’t personally used)

Demographic Researching

Competition Analysis

similarweb, Serpstat, Buzzsumo, semrush etc

Check more @

Keyword Research

Creating Ad Images
– Photoshop



Spying On Competition

– (PPV)

– ( Mobile, Native )