Here, in this article, you will find some of the best affiliate programs in India, that you join simply by Joining Affoy Affiliate Program. Once your application is accepted for Affoy Affiliate Program,  You can apply and get approved for all these popular Indian Affiliate campaigns.

  • Myntra 

You can earn by Promoting Myntra Affiliate Program via Affoy. Partner up with the Myntra Affiliate program & share the best offers/deals on your websites/channels to your audience. Myntra, is one of the top fashion e-tailers in India, with a wide range of latest fashion apparel and fashion accessories for men, women & kids along with home & lifestyle products. Apply to grab this opportunity!

  • Fern n Petals India)

You can Join Ferns N Petals UAE Affiliate Program directly through Affoy network. Ferns N Petals was established up in 1994 and for more than 20 years, Ferns N Petals is helping by delivering fresh flowers and astonishing blessings to your friends and family to applause the special moments. Apply to grab this opportunity!


  • Mamaearth 

Partner up with MamaEarth affiliate program via Affoy and earn. MamaEarth offers ayurvedic products for men, babies & women like face wash, lotion, hair oil, and many more.MamaEarth is an FDA approved, which means that they are 100% safe to be used for babies as well as for mamas. Apply to grab this opportunity! 

  • IGP-India 

You can earn by Promoting IGP Affiliate Program via Affoy. IGP is India’s largest multi-category online gifting company, providing one of the best-curated collection of gifts, flowers, cakes & personalized products. Apply to grab this opportunity!

  •  Jockey

You can earn by Promoting Jockey Affiliate Program via Affoy. Jockey is a leading manufacturer and marketer of comfort apparel sold in more than 160 countries around the world. The company is dedicated to quality, comfort, fashion, improvement, significance, and value. Apply to grab this opportunity!

  • TheManCompany 

You can earn by Promoting TheManCompany Affiliate Program via Affoy. Partner up with the TheManCompany Affiliate program & share the best offers/deals on your websites/channels to your audience. The Man Company offers a head to toe range of grooming essentials, to make sure every man is at its best. From hair gels, shampoos, face washes, beard oils & much more.

  • Arata 

Partner up with the Arata Affiliate program & share the best offers/deals on your websites/channels to your audience. You can earn by Promoting Arata Affiliate Program via Affoy. Arata Offers a wide range of Skin-care and Hair-care products that are created using only nature-derived ingredients with no chemical additives, emulsifiers, dyes, or preservatives. Apply to grab the opportunity!

  • Biba India 

Partner up with the Biba affiliate program via Affoy and earn commissions. Biba Apparels is an Indian fashion brand founded by Meena Bindra in 1988 from her home in New Delhi, India. It has more than 150 brand outlets and 225 multi-brand outlets. Apply to grab the opportunity!

  • Koovs 

Partner up with Koovs affiliate program via Affoy and earn commissions. Koovs is the main Indian e-tailer to work together with one-of-a-kind capsule collections with the greatest names in global fashion. Apply to grab the opportunity!

  • Biotique 

Partner up with the Biotique affiliate program via Affoy and earn commissions. Established in the year 1992 Biotique is owned by Vinita Jain. Biotique products are 100% organic and genuine based on the authentic Ayurveda recipes which are being taken from the ancient Veda kinds of literature and majorly deal with skin and hair care problems. Apply to grab the opportunity!

  • My Protein ( India )

Partner up with the Myprotein affiliate program via Affoy and earn commissions. It was Founded in 2004, Myprotein is currently Europe’s No. 1 health & supplements brand. They operate in over 70 countries with an enthusiastic and dedicated team of staff, athletes, and active influencers. Apply to grab the opportunity!

  • ZoomCar 

Partner up with the Zoomcar affiliate program via Affoy and earn commissions. ZoomCar is India’s first self-drive car rental company that allows individuals to hire cars by the hour or by the day. It was founded by David Back and Greg Moran in February 2013 in Bangalore (India). Apply to grab the opportunity!

  • Oyo Rooms 

You can earn per booking in Commissions by Promoting Oyo Rooms Affiliate Program via Affoy. OYO is spread across 199 cities with 6500+ hotels in India. OYO Rooms will guarantee you a hassle-free stay experience at a very affordable price. Apply to grab the opportunity!

  • BookVIp

Partner up with the BookVip affiliate program via Affoy and earn. BookVip is the fastest growing online travel booking site in the world today. They guarantee the lowest pricing on vacation packages to Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Orlando, Caribbean, Las Vegas, and much more! They provide 90% of the min-vac packages to Mexico. Apply to grab the opportunity!

  • Norton (Antivirus & VPN )

You can earn up to by Promoting Norton Affiliate Program via Affoy. Norton AntiVirus is an anti-malware software product that was developed and distributed by Symantec Corporation in the year 1991 as part of their Norton family of computer security products. Apply to grab the opportunity!

  • HealthXP 

You can earn by Promoting the HealthXP Affiliate Program via Affoy. HealthXP brand is known for providing genuine sports nutrition supplements to health enthusiasts at very affordable rates. They offer a humongous range of health products across categories and all major brands. Apply to grab this opportunity!

  • Pepperfry 

Partner up with the Pepperfry affiliate program via Affoy and earn commissions. Pepperfry is one of the leading online stores in India which deals with home furnishing, furniture, personal care, housekeeping, dining. Apply to grab this opportunity!

  • FabHotels CPV

 You can earn Commissions by Promoting FabHotels Affiliate Program via Affoy. FabHotels is a new age budget hotel brand, now with 500+ hotels in 40+ Indian cities. With technology at the center of consumer experience and backend operations, FabHotels is building a budget hospitality brand missing for so long in India. Apply to grab the opportunity!

  • Propshop24 

Partner up with the Propshop24 affiliate program via Affoy and earn commissions. PropShop24 is India’s only online out-of-the-box brand and offers you the latest funky products inspired by international designs. Apply to grab this opportunity!

  • Mivi India 

You can Join Mivi Affiliate Program directly through Affoy network to earn the highest commission. Mivi is a Hyderabad based firm making chargers and earphones. Apply to grab this opportunity!

  • Vista rooms India 

Partner up with Vistarooms affiliate program via Affoy and earn commissions. Vista Rooms is India’s fastest-growing network of standardized branded accommodations with sheer focus on quality, affordability, and customer experience. Apply to grab this opportunity!



If you don’t know how to kick start your affiliate marketing program, don’t worry! We will guide you through the process and that too step-by-step.

The Steps to Start a Perfect Affiliate Marketing Program are explained below:

Step 1: Optimize your Website for Running Affiliate Traffic

Check if your Website doesn’t have any Leaks and is Optimized for Launching an Affiliate Campaign. Leaks basically create opportunities for affiliate-referred traffic to be monetized without rewarding the affiliate. Leaks generally include:

  •  The phone number for taking Orders via Phone.
  • Google AdSense or Other Ads for Monetizing Traffic
  • Links to other websites & more

If the publisher is able to find any of the ones listed above they will either choose not to join the affiliate program or test to see if you create any efforts to track the phone, social media, and other similar types of referrals. Therefore, before starting to work on the affiliate marketing program launch, make sure you have an affiliate-pleasant landing page. 

If you have any of the ones listed above on your website, either remove them or find a way to track them or Create a separate Landing Page for Affiliates.


Step 2 :  Setting Right Payouts for Affiliates :  Before you set any random Payout for your affiliate channel its good to check what is your average customer acquisition cost (CAC)  from other Channels. For example, If you have a CAC or Rs. 500 from other Paid channels ( Google, Facebook, etc)  you can initially start with 80% of that Value i.e. 400 as your Payout.  

Setting Payout also depends on your Business Objectives and many other factors too. You can work with affiliates on Various pricing Models like CPA, CPL, CPI, etc.

You can check this article for more details on Affiliate pricing Models: 


Step 3: Do Competitive Analysis of Affiliate Programs of Competitors and Create a Better Affiliate Campaign

In today’s digital world over 90% of the merchant’s route to the affiliate programs to promote their products and services. Hence you can assume that many of your competitors do the same.

The affiliates who are acquiring customers for your Competitors can also Acquire customers for you. They already have experience in running campaigns in your Niche.

This clearly means that you will be contending for the same affiliates and you need to come up with either a similar or preferably a better offer. For that, you must have precise knowledge about what your competitors are offering in the market. You don’t have to do much to find out your competitor’s offer. You can:

  • Simply do a quick Google search for “[competitor name] affiliate program” will give you enough data if your competitor is running an In-house affiliate Program.
  • Also don’t forget to check their websites for links to their affiliate program page. 

There are few aspects listed below to consider for Your Own Affiliate Program Launch.

Type of Platform: Are your competitors running their affiliate marketing program via an affiliate network or in-house? What network? What affiliate tracking software have they chosen?

Program specifics: What commissions are your competitors paying: revshare  (%) or a flat payout? Do they offer any type of bonuses? Do they offer commission increases based on performance? What is their cookie time period? What is their average order? What is their commission amount?

Creatives: How many creatives do your competitors make available? What type of creative: banners, text links, coupons, videos, data feeds?

Tip: Text Links generally get maximum Number of sales.

Program Contract: Do your affiliates allow Pay per click (PPC) advertising on branded keywords or only on generic keywords?  What type of Affiliates or Traffic sources do they allow and what they don’t allow.

Do they have a different type of Payouts for different affiliates?  For example A high Payout for Networks as compared to direct affiliates, or a Payout with Performace slabs, etc.

IMP : You need not copy what your competitor is doing however you need this data to create a better affiliate Program. And you can’t offer better than your competitors’ if you don’t have any idea about what they are offering. These details listed above will not be available straight, so in that case, you may have to create a publisher account and join your competitors’ affiliate program. It will be worth it, as you’ll have to make decisions related to all of the above and implement them for the launch of your own affiliate marketing program. 

Step 4: Create a Committed Email Address

A dedicated email address helps you when creating an Affiliate Program. Set it up as or ( In order to avoid having your messages end up in the receiver’s spam folder, kindly use your name or that of the person who will be managing your affiliate program as a sender’s name.). If you are setting up an affiliate campaign with an Affiliate Network, it is not required.

Step 5: Choose the Right Platform 

In principle, you can either choose an affiliate marketing network like Affoy or choose to run your affiliate program in-house. However, if it is your first affiliate program, I recommend you to join an affiliate network. It will be easier, inexpensive, and support is available in case you get stuck.  

You can also set up your own affiliate program in-house. For setting up an Inhouse affiliate campaign you need a Tracking Platform and a dedicated affiliate manager who can recruit and onboard affiliates and a Payment system to Pay Affiliate. Popular tracking systems that you can use are Tune ( hasoffers ), Cake, and Affise.

Costing of a tracking platform stars from 300 USD ( approx INR 22,000 ) and you can hire an experienced affiliate Manager in India at a starting salary of approx INR 30,000. Therefore the minimum monthly cost of setting up an Inhouse affiliate campaign is INR 50000 + Overheads.

On the other hand, if you choose to go via an Affiliate network you don’t have to pay for Tracking software and Affiliate Manager.  They deduct approx 15%-30% from Campaign commissions and Pass rest to affiliates. Example: if you are paying a network 200 Rs per sale , end affiliate will get approx 160 Rs in commission. For a cost of 40 rs per sale, the Affiliate network will provide you with all required services i.e. campaign setup, Tracking, Affiliate recruitment & management, Payments to affiliates.

However, if you want more control and less hassle, some networks provide services of setting up your Inhouse campaign and managing it. Where they will take care of all setup and day to day management. In India, you can reach Affoy for such services.


Step 6 : Choose Appropriate Program Details

In order for your affiliate program launch to be successful, you need to come up with a more attractive offer than that of your network competitors. The points listed below will help you in doing so :

  • Standard Commission Pricing Model ( CPA, CPL, CPI, etc depending on your Requirements) 
  • Performance-Based Tiers ( Optional )
  • First Sale(s) Bonus (  ( Optional )
  • Commission Structure for Potential Affiliates
  • Other Incentives
  • Cookie Life

Do your math carefully and make sure you take into consideration all aspects and even leave room for some commission increases. 

Step 7. Create a Program Agreement and TnC Documentation

Without a sound affiliate program agreement in place, you let your affiliates play with your program which might result in losing money and having your brand reputation ruined. Just remember to clearly regulate paid search campaigns and coupon promotions. Also, prohibit activities that do not add any value to the program. For example its always a good strategy to don’t allow affiliates to Bid on Brand Terms but excluding Brand + coupon Keywords. 


Step 8: Setting a Campaign with Affiliate Network:  Create Your Merchant Account, Set Up Your Program, and Setup Tracking

Each network has its rules and guidelines but, in the end, it is all about filling in your information and adjusting some settings for which all networks offer support to merchants.

The most important part of this step is executing tracking. In most cases, it means placing a tracking pixel or code sequence on your website’s Thank You Page. While the affiliate network tracks click following the unique URL assigned to each affiliate, the tracking pixel reports the conversion. It basically declares the affiliate network to attribute the agreed commission to the affiliate who drove the sale. Perform a test transaction when you’re done.

Step 9: Create and Upload Your Creatives

In terms of affiliate marketing program creative, banners and links are a must. Depending on the type of products and services you offer, coupons, promo codes, a data feed may be required as well. The network will provide you with the resources to create the links and will share with you details of other creatives required.

Step 10: Upload Your Affiliate Communications

Your affiliate program will also need a description namely a presentation of you, as the merchant, and of your program details. Keep it short. Try to focus on what sets you apart from other merchants and how affiliates will enjoy benefits by promoting you.

Before receiving affiliate applications, it is also advisable to have email auto-responders set up for affiliate applications.

Step 11: Manage Your Program, Do Not Put It on Autopilot!

Most of the affiliate networks do their best to simplify and automate operations for their merchants. If you browse through your account’s settings, you will notice options to automatically approve or decline affiliates based on various filters. Never choose such options, as they could prove dangerous. The best way is to ask your affiliate manager to review every application before accepting it into the system.

Drop a Line to us at, to learn more about our services. With Affoy you can Run your campaign on our Network or Hire us to Manage/Create your Inhouse Affiliate Marketing Campaign.

Guide : Affiliate Marketing Glossary – Key Terms, Jargons, Abbreviations

Affiliate: – An affiliate (also known as publisher) is an individual who provide traffic to online merchants. When a sale, lead, or other predetermined action takes place, the affiliate will earn a commission. Affiliates drive traffic in many different ways but the most common method is search engine marketing i.e. seo and ppc.

Affiliate Link: Affiliate link also known as tracking link is a special link containing code which tracks web visitors sent to a ECommerce site by an affiliate. Each affiliate link contains a unique id (affiliate ID) specific to an affiliate and will record clicks, sales, visitors, and impressions generated and allow the merchant/network to attribute commissions.

Affiliate Network: An affiliate network provides a third party service to merchants and affiliates. The network will provide tracking, reporting and payment fulfillment services and allows a merchant access to a large pool of affiliates. Networks generate performance based revenue by charging the merchant an override on top of affiliate commissions. (See also independent affiliate programmes).

Associate: An Affiliate is also known as associate and affiliate program is also known as Associate program.

Banner Ad: Graphic advertisement displayed on an affiliate site.

Charge Back: It is when a merchant removes sale commissions from an affiliate due to returned goods, declined credit cards, or fraudulent activity.

Click Through:  When a web user clicks on an affiliates banner or link on a affiliate website and is directed to the merchant’s site.

CTR:  Click through rate is number of clicks an ad receives divided by number of impressions for instance if a banner ad was shown 1000 times and received 50 clicks it would have a click through rate of 5%.

Click Reference: Most affiliate networks offer a facility to create unique tracking links by appending a special parameter containing a click reference. This allows affiliates to identify sales that have come via a particular page or link within their site or PPC campaign. (See Also EPI).

CPA: Cost Per Action. Metric for payment of commission based on a recordable action,.

CPC: Cost Per Click.

CPM: Cost per thousand impressions.

CR: Conversion Ratio. ( number of click to merchant divided by number of sales generated.)

Creatives: Banner Ads, Product feed, Emailer’s

Commission or Payout :  An affiliates payment for sales generated by their traffic based on percentage of sales or a fixed lead payment basis.

Cookie: Affiliate marketing works on the concept of a cookie (a small text file which contains relevant information such as affiliate ID, merchant ID, banner ID etc.). So whenever a user clicks on any banner/text link running on affiliate website a cookie gets set on user’s web browser. The information stored in the cookie is sent back to Network’s server whenever Affiliate tracking code is called. As long as the cookie resides on the user’s browser any sale / action happening through that system will be attributed to that particular affiliate.

Cookie-less Tracking: Tracking solutions that are not reliant upon cookies.

Contextual Linking: This refers to the process of placing affiliate links to appropriate products within related text or articles on a website.

Conversion Rate (CR): Percentage of clicks that convert to a sale, i.e 10 sales for every 100 visitors would constitute a 10% conversion rate.

Data Feed (Product Feed or XML Feed): A data feed is a file popularly in CSV or XML formats. Data feed contains product information for a merchant. This file will contain fields like url’s, names, images & descriptions of  various products offered by the merchant.

EPC: Earnings per hundred clicks.

Google Ad-sense: Google pay per click program for affiliates. Affiliates (Publishers) are paid when web user click on ads running on their website by google.

Google Ad-words: Google pay per click advertising solution offered by the Google search engine where advertisers (merchant) pay a cost per click which is relative to the type of site content, and how much other advertisers are willing to pay. Ads are shown alongside Google results , i.e google search network and advertisers also have the option of ads being displayed on content network.

Impressions: Refers to the number of times a banner ad or web site page is requested from the server.

Link Popularity: It refers to the number of other sites linking to yours.

Network Override: This is the charge applied by networks to merchants on top of commission payments.

Merchant : Advertiser/client/Online retailer / business owner.

PPC: Pay Per Click. The practice of paying for traffic from search engine advertising services on a cost per click basis.

Residual Earnings: Income generated from programme where merchants pay commission on subsequent transactions by customers originally referred by an affiliate.

Sky-Scraper: Type of Banner ad in format 120 x 600 or 160 x 600.

Super Affiliate:  Well there is no specific definition for super affiliate it is what all affiliates strive to be! Super affiliates are top affiliates who generate huge amount of revenue for the programmes they promote.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization. The process of optimizing a site to ensure better performance and positions in the search engines.

Tiered Commission: Commission structure offered by merchants which increases with sales or sales value. for eg. Upto 100 sales – commission INR 100 after 100 sales Commission 150.

Two Tier Affiliate Programme: such program’s rewards you for signing up sub affiliates. This means that you are paid a certain percentage of their earnings for the life of the affiliate.

Unique Visitor (UV):  it is a metric which refers to the number of unique individuals clicking on a link. For example, one person could click on a link 5 times in one day creating 5 clicks  but only one unique visitor.