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Kickstart Pure Performance Campaigns for your client's with Affoy. Work alongside with our team to create winning digital marketing campaigns that guarantee ROI.

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We have years of experience in running Performance Campaigns and can bring that experience to benefit you and your clients large or small.


Our Experienced Account Managers can help you with different Affiliate Marketing strategies and will help you to create a tailor made plan best fit for your client needs.

Doing great quality work with Speed is our Mantra at Affoy. We can set up and start delivering you qualified Traffic in Hours. Generally, we take only one working day for campaign set-up provided that things are not delayed from Advertiser/Agency end.

With Affoy you can Run your clients campaign on various pricing models like CPC, CPV, CPS, CPL and CPI. Please check our Pricing model Page for more details.

We are very selective in approving affiliates, we put affiliates through a quality assurance and fraud check before we allow them. This helps us in reducing the occurrence of fraud. We only run Agency campaigns with our trusted affiliates with proven past records. 

In Addition our account managers do daily traffic-quality screening to ensure publishers are not using fraudulent or unethical methods to drive traffic and sales.

At Affoy we have thousands of affiliates with different type of traffic like Search, Content sites, Coupon & Cashback sites, Price Comparision, Email, Social media, PPV, Popup, Adult sites and Native.  You can specify - what type of traffic you want and what type of traffic you want to exclude and we will custom made your campaign as per your requirements.

We handle all affiliate payments, so accounting on your side is simple and straightforward. One payment is made to Affoy and we take care of dispatching payment to all affiliates

Enhanced ROI

Maximize your clients ROI with our Pure performance pricing models. Pay us only for predefined actions.

Real time Reporting

Get powerful real time data. Track all metrics, platforms, devices, and more!

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