FAQ General

Affoy is Asia’s fastest growing performance agency and affiliate ad network. At Affoy we provide our publishers – Top offers, industry-leading payouts, Robust Tracking Platform, Advanced Reporting & Tools, and dedicated account management and support.

We are a small independent team due to which we’re able to minimize our costs and give you the maximum allowed payouts. If for any of our offers you find more commission with some other network, please update your account manager, we will match that payout.

By joining Affoy a publisher agrees to adhere to our terms and conditions. We do not discriminate on the basis of country. Worldwide publishers are welcome to join our affiliate network.

We usually take 2-4 business days to screen new Publisher applications. Response time may vary depending on the volume of applications to be reviewed. If you have any questions, please contact support@affoy.com

Yes, off-course, if we cannot reach you by phone to have a simple discussion about your methods of advertising, you will not be approved into the network.

You can get approved to Affoy on the same day you sign up with these easy steps. Post Sign up and email confirmation simply call our office during normal business hours instead of waiting for them to contact you.

Maybe. If you are a media Buyer? Call or write to our team explaining in detail how you will promote our advertisers.

1. Complete our registration form and get Approved.

2. Simply choose which offer you wish to promote, apply for approval of appropriate ‘offer’ if it is not a auto approved campaign.

3.Generate your tracking links, choose from available creative text links, banners & mailers or create your own mailer. Please note- your tracking code is unique to you and enables us to report on your performance

4. Generate sales or leads.

5. Get paid for all validated sales, installs or leads.

If your account is suspended for being inactive for too long you can email your account manager or drop an email at affiliates@affoy.com or to any member of our publisher support team and they will be happy to help you get it turned back on. In case your account was suspended for fraudulent activity you can reach out to our compliance department for help.


Once registered in Affoy you will receive a username and password that will grant you access to our platform. To log-in, go to www.affoy.com and click on the ‘AFFILIATE LOGIN’option. You can also access the login page at http:// In case you lose or forget your password, you can request a new one on this page by clicking on “Forgot Your Password.” A new password will be generated and sent to the email address registered with your account

On your Dashboard, you can check all offers by clicking Offers Tab on Left. You can use search box to search using offer name, you can also use search filters like Country, Payout Range or Category to search an Offer. Finding the ideal campaign for you is easier than you imagine. 1. By merchant: Do you recognize the brand keyword or offer name. 2. By commissions (Payout Range ): Do you prefer campaigns that pay per sale or lead? You can always combine different types of campaigns! 3. By country: If you are looking for a campaign in a specic country, try searching by country

Most of the CPA campaigns don't need approval however If the campaign needs approval, you need to apply for the campaign approval.Once approved, you will be granted access to the banners and tracking codes. All approvals are done manually and you will receive a confirmation email as soon as you have been approved. This process will be completed in less than two working days.

You can read a description of each merchant and their terms and condition for each campaign.You will also have access to the payout amounts of each merchant. You can select by geographic location, type of campaign, Category or conversion payout. There are no limits to the number of campaigns you can promote on your site. If you have doubts, contact your Affoy account executive and we will gladly help you.

Click on My Offers it will show all your active offers. Now click on offer name. It will open Tracking links page from where you can access all creative.

These are the abbreviations used to distinguish different kinds of conversions in online advertising. Each one pays according to different results.

CPS Cost per sale: This applies to online sales only. The conversion will be considered successful ( Also Known as Cost per Transactions or commonly termed as CPA i.e. cost per action )when the merchant receives a sale from a customer that was referred by the afliate. You will get paid either a percentage of the sale or a fixed price, according to the merchant’s terms and conditions.

Cost Per Click : You get paid for every visitor you send to the online merchant through a banner or text link, regardless of whether or not a sale is made.

Cost per Visit (CPV ) : Most of the advertisers use Google analytics for tracking and they consider a Unique visit by a user as a session and pay affiliates on basis of this visits, which is known as cost per visit campaign. Its almost similar to CPC but validated numbers are given to affiliates on basis of GA visits.

Cost per Lead : You get paid a one-time fee for generating a lead for the merchant. Similar to a bounty program, you usually earn low commission per each referred visitor who fills out a questionnaire or an application.

Cost per Install :  These are mobile app campaigns and they are very similar to CPL campaigns and generally the conversion point is when a user installs an app.

CPM :  Cost per impression campaigns is where affiliate get a flat rate every time advertisement is displayed 1000 times on his or her web page. – Cost per mille requires only that the publisher make the advertising available on his website and display it to his visitors in order to receive a commission. These campaigns are generally done by merchants for Brand building and Brand awareness

Our technical support team is qualied to help you with anything you might need. You can contact them directly by writing to support@affoy.com with any concerns you might have.  


Approved: The conversion was successful and the merchant has approved the commission.

Rejected : The conversion was not approved by the merchant or the commission is invalid.

Pending : The commission has not been validated yet. When the merchant reviews the conversions the status will change to Approved or Declined.

Sales are validated by Merchants, please find below complete Process.

1.Validated Sales = Final Number Confirmation 

1.By default all Transactions are shown as approved on Affoy panel. 

2.At month end we send all recorded transactions to respective Advertisers to reconcile status for each and every transactions whether approved or rejected. 

3.Final Status of all Transactions of Previous month will be confirmed by last day of current month for e.g. For Sales/leads done in May will be validated by 30th June. ( Except some campaigns where Merchant have 30 days return policy) 

4. Pending ones will be marked as “Pending” if they are not reconciled in time by advertiser for any reason. 

5.You can check status of every transaction on Affoy panel by downloading your conversion sheet for previous month or you can get in touch with your Account Manager for details.

Commissions are only paid for transactions validated by the merchant. A transaction may be Rejected by merchant for different reasons. The most common reasons why transactions are rejected are: The transaction was canceled by customer. Some exclusive coupon for some other partner was used, that was not allowed for Affoy affiliates. The transaction was fraudulent. In CPL campaigns - the user had completed forms with incorrect information You have used Traffic source that was not allowed The transaction was allocated to an alternative advertising channel like PPC campaign.

You can request Payments via Cheque, Bank Transfer or Via Pay pal (for international affiliates). You need to provide your account manager with your Bank details, Scan of Cancelled Cheque and Scanned copy of PAN Card.

Yes your Bank details , copy of cancelled cheque and PAN Card & Invoice forms to process payments. Other than that, there are absolutely no documents required.

Affoy works on NET 30 Payments Cycle for majority of its campaigns however for some campaigns Payment cycle is little longer. – You will get Payments in 30 days after Validations ( final number confirmation) – Payment of Validated numbers are sent in first five days of Next month. E.g For Sales/leads done in May, numbers will be validated by 30th June and Payments will be done in first five days of August.

The minimum threshold for payment is Rs.5,000 ( INVOICED COMMISSION AFTER VALIDATIONS) for indian affiliates and $200 for International affiliates. If you earn less than that in a month, your commissions will automatically roll over to the next month. Please Note: - Threshold for international publishers is USD 200. - Payments between USD 200 & USD 999 are sent via Paypal only - All payments over USD 1,000 are sent via International Wire Transfer only - If an affiliate has payable commission below USD 1,000 & requests for payments via Wire Transfer instead of Paypal, an additional fee of USD 50 will be levied (to compensate for bank charges & other fee). - For all payments via Wire Transfer, an invoice is mandatory

Yes, we pay GST/Service Tax at current rates, you just need to send signed and stamped hard copy of Invoice with your service Tax number.

Affoy Deduct TDS @ 2% for Indian companies with valid PAN card number. 1% for individuals with valid PAN card number.

As per Indian government norms we deduct an Equalisation levy of 6% for Non-Resident Entities deriving Online Advertisement and similar income from India. For other countries it's as per their government norms.

Yes, to process your payments on time, please ensure your invoices are correct and as per guidelines below:

1. Invoice should be in favor of Affoy Digital Media Private Limited - C-21,Mayfield Gardens, Sector 50, Haryana. India.

2. Invoice should clearly mention your company name

3. Invoice should clearly mention your affiliate ID with Affoy(If you don’t know your affiliate ID, please get in touch with your affiliate manager)

4. Invoice should clearly mention month of activity

5. Invoice should have offer-wise split of payout and quantity (You can confirm this with your affiliate manager on a monthly basis before invoice is raised) ( you can also attach this  information in a seperate document ) 

6. For Indian publishers: Invoice should clearly mention PAN No. , Service Tax No. or GST No. & NEFT Information.

7. For International publishers: Invoice should contain your wire details in the following format: Beneficiary name: Beneficiary address: Bank name: Bank address: Swift: Account number / IBAN:

Whenever a program is managed in a different currency it will be converted to your currency at the prevailing exchange rate at the time the payment is processed. For further details please contact your Account Manager.


Please use forget Password option or ask your account manager to send a link for Password change.

We use Cake because its a very clean platform – simple to use, you can start within minutes. It has a track record of 99.99 up-time which is far more as compared to other networks. It also provides you reliability of the cloud.