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Thousands of times every day, we connect brands with their next customer. Get Started today and reach vast new audiences by accessing our gigantic base of exclusive affiliates specializing in all major online Traffic types.

Think Affiliate Marketing, think Affoy.We help you
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Cost Per Action Marketing...

Whether you are looking for Sales in your E-Commerce store, or lead acquisitions for your service business or app installs you only pay once it happens. Our CPA pricing model enables Advertisers to pay only for actual sales or leads or Installs received on campaigns rather than flat-rate marketing fees. 

You can allocate your marketing budgets to specific custom made campaigns where you can measure results in real time and can ensure guaranteed return on your advertising Budgets.



Target Both Mobile & Web

Our CPV and CPC pricing model enables you to secure immediate traffic from our handpicked traffic sources utilizing our granular targeting capabilities to target their most desirable consumers.

We Can Help

Whether your advertising goals are to acquire fresh consumer leads, increase sales, increase traffic or generate mobile installs, Affoywith its diverse network of affiliates can always help..

How Affoy can help your brand

Pay for Performance

We provide you with pure performance digital marketing solutions where you pay us only actual verified results such that your Returns On Investment are always Guaranteed.

Dedicated Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable account managers are always available to support your needs and seamlessly get you back to peak performance whenever required.

Customized Solutions

We understand every business is Unique so are their requirements, therefore we create Custom marketings campaign to best suit your requirements and business.


Doing great quality work with Speed is our Mantra at Affoy. We can set up and start delivering you qualified Traffic, Sales, Downloads or leads in Hours across multiple Verticals with real-time reporting.

Traffic Types

Choose to Run your Campaigns on various traffic types by accessing our gigantic base of exclusive affiliates specializing in all popular traffic types like Email, Display, Native, Social, Coupon, Cashback , PPC, PPV etc.

Traffic Compliance

We make sure whatever channels are used it stay compliant with your brand. We use high-level scrutiny tools to monitor the validity of your affiliates campaign and will spot any abusive messages, misleading ads or fake leads.

Payment Process

We handle all affiliate and other Partner payments, making accounting on your side simple and straightforward. You just made one payment to Affoy and we take care of dispatching payment to all affiliate and other Partners.

Real Time Tracking

We use GetCake which is one of the best and most premium tracking platforms in the industry that allows affiliates and advertisers to track the performance of their campaign in real time with in-depth data - analysis.

Only Quality Publishers

We are always committed to maintaining the quality of traffic we provide to our advertisers. Our affiliate team only approve those affiliate applications who pass our quality criteria.

Our Process

No Rocket Science.You can make a difference to the way you Market your Brand with a simple Sign Up on Affoy.

01. Sign Up

Sign Up for an advertiser Account or reach us by email , on call or via Contact us form.

02. Campaign Objectives

Tell us in detail about your Campaign Objectives, your preferable Pricing Models and Campaign Budgets.

03. Campaign TnC and Payouts

Decide on Campaign TnC's, Payouts , Traffic Type and sign Insertion Order.

04. Campaign Setup

Sit and see Affoy connect your brand with your next customers. Get real-time reporting.