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At Affoy we have a gignatic number of affiliates in the network and they selectively choose the offers they want to run themselves. The affiliates who find your offer as a good match to their inventory will pick and test your campaign.

A successful and popular offer might see traffic from hundreds of affiliates across multiple traffic types such as coupon/deal, display, email marketing, search engines, social Media and others.

Yes you can specify - what type of traffic you want and what type of traffic you want to exclude like Search engine or social network traffic.

There is no direct contact between affiliates and advertisers. All contact goes through your assigned account manager from Affoy.

CPC, CPV, CPS, CPL and CPI. Please check our Pricing model Page for more details.

We use getCake which is one of the best and most premium tracking system available in market.

We mostly work on Pixel and cookie tracking where we provide the advertiser with a tracking pixel to place on the thank you page where they declare an action as valid and should be paid for.

This is how Pixel-Based Tracking Works

- User sees an offer.
- User clicks on the offer.
- Click goes to an Affoy-cake server which generates a transaction ID for that session, and returns an HTML page containing a cookie for that ID to be placed in the user's browser.
- That page redirects the user to the offer's landing page.
- When the user converts on that offer ( i.e. made a sale, fill a lead etc ) : 
1.The advertiser's final page for that offer contains HTML code linking back to a Affoy-getCake server. That code is either a small, unnoticeable image or iFrame.
2.  Affoy-getCake server sees the cookie in the user's browser and records the conversion for that session.

We also work on Pixel-based tracking also called "pixel tracking", "client-side tracking", and "cookie-based tracking".

Pixel based Tracking uses browser cookies to track sessions generated on clicks to attribute conversions. This method is entirely dependent on the user's browser.


We can only commit volumes on your campaign after testing the waters for at least 10-15 days.

There are simply too many factors that decide volumes in any affiliate campaigns. Some of the known factors are Payout, Cost of Acquisition in your Niche, Demographics you are targeting, Payout Model, Competition, Payout Frequency, Offers available on your site, Incentives to affiliates etc

Based on above-mentioned factors Some campaigns can see hundreds of thousands of sales while others struggle to get hundreds per month.

We don't approve every affiliate application we receive on average only 50% of applications are approved. We put affiliates through a quality assurance and fraud check before we allow them any CPL/CPI campaign. This helps us in reducing the occurrence of fraud.

In addition to this our account managers reach all our CPL/CPI advertisers for daily or weekly feedback on leads/installs that they are getting through Affoy. Whenever we find a negative feedback for any affiliate in terms of quality that affiliate is right away paused for the said campaign.

Please call our office or drop us an email with complete details of the campaigns you like to bring to Affoy.Please include as much information as possible about your campaign.

The fastest way to get a response is to get on a call with someone from our advertiser team.


7 days after you receive soft copy of Invoice or maximum up to 15 days from month end.

Please Note : For new Advertisers we charge an offer setup fee of INR 10,000 and refundable security of INR 20,000 that will be adjusted in your 1st and 2nd Month billing.

For New Agencies we charge refundable security of INR 25,000 that will be adjusted in your 1st Month billing.